About Royal Store

We are Ramaa Jewellers where you can explore all kinds of Jewellery
We Craft Beautiful & Attractive Jewellery
The Ramaa Jewellery Store is very Luxury place where you can explore all kinds of Jewellery and place your order.
Ramaa Jewellers is located at Dwarakanagar area in Visakhapatnam. We are proud to be a BNI member.
We are one of the oldest traders of jewellery merchants of Visakhapatnam.With Over 40Years of experience and trust and having a strong market analysis of design we are running successfully.We will always be personally responsible for our own actions as well as the company actions.Our Jewellery makes your occasions memorable for forever.

We Think Different

What We Do

Our products are designed with thought to their purpose and customers are made carefully. They require skill and knowledge from the designer and the maker and preserve a tradition.

Our Vision

Ramaa Jewellers is a traditonal jewellery store that wants to make a positive difference every day in the lives of our clients, our staff, our community and even the world.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating happy clients. We always strive to be a positive, driving force in the community, and help those less fortunate whenever we can.